Diapered Escapede

   I guess all ABDLs have an immense craving to wear once in a while, especially if they don’t wear regularly. I had one such craving recently.
   I’m a soldier serving, which means that I have to stay inside camp from Monday to Friday. Occasionally we are given mid-week night out, usually as a reward. So usually we go eat a good dinner (camp food isn’t that fantastic), watch a movie, just chill out before returning to camp.
   But this week, I decided to break away from my fellow peers. I wanted to go recce for new places to buy diapers. But I also wanted to use a diaper. So I brought along my black sling bag, and a few plastic bags. But, that was only if the situation permitted, for my main mission was to see what other brands of diapers were out there. So I went to TTSH and NUH pharmacies to look for some. But they just carried the usual Control Plus, Tena Value and Slip lines.
   Disappointed and hungry, I decided to head down to Vivocity, a popular haunt down south. As I entered the mall I saw a sign that pointed out that there was a Giant hypermart there. A little curious, I decided to browse through. That’s when I saw their in-house store brand diapers. Retailing for just $8.00, I was extremely tempted to get them. So did a recce for the necessary places. The coast seemed clear.
   I decided to walk around the mall, to try and convince myself NOT to do it. I mean, I was heading back to camp after this. It was a terrible idea; what if I got caught? Exhausted, I walked down to the food court and had a simple dinner. All the way, I kept researching. What busses to take, which place to go etc etc. And I happily convinced myself.
   Some say that the hardest part about wearing diapers is the buying part. I walked into a busy hypermarket in a busy mall at a busy time, to buy diapers. After the purchase I walked very quickly, to the adjacent carpark entrance, 20 meters away, and stuffed the entire shopping bag into my sling bag. Then I walked to the toilet which I had checked out earlier, intending to change into a diaper there.
   Lo and behold! The urinal section was as per usual, but the toilet stalls were all occupied… by a group of small children, who were all pooping! What a coincidence! I guess it was just life’s way of teasing me.
   Anyway I waited outside, patiently until all those kids had left. Once they had left, I went inside and diapered myself. Aaah, the bliss. But I had to get out of there, so I stuffed the pack into my sling bag and was on my way.
   I took a bus, then another all the way to Bukit Gombak. It was an hour long ride, and I savoured every minute of it, padded and comfy. Eventually I had to get off. I walked through the blocks to my next destination. I had been here before, in another diapered Escapede, but I will talk about it in another blog post.
   Anyway I soon reached my destination- Bukit Batok Sports complex, just adjacent to Bukit Gombak MRT station. The long ride had strengthened my urge to excrete. I was kind of lucky that the toilets were rather empty that night, and soon I was doing my business, in a diaper in front of a toilet. Ah the irony.
photo 2
   Pretty soon, I had changed out of my dirty diaper and into a fresh one. There, I had to make a decision. I couldn’t keep ALL of the 8 diapers that I had left. I was going back to camp after all. It was going to be empty but an army camp is an army camp! So I took out 3 diapers and bagged the packet with the dirty diaper, and threw it away. It was very painful, but it had to be done. I’d effectively spent $8 on just five diapers.
   I was melancholic as I took a train to Choa Chu Kang. I decided to spend the remainder of my night in the library, reading what I could and to borrow some books to while away my time in camp. I spent about 1.5 hrs there, before I had to make a move.
   Reluctantly, I removed my diaper in the public restroom within CCK MRT station, and threw it away. It was relatively unused, but it had to go. I took a bus back, and there my adventure had come to an end.
   Except it hadn’t. For I was returning to an empty bunk with some spare diapers.
To be continued…
PS: New diaper review coming up next week!

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