A Spontaneous Poem

I don’t know why, but I wrote a little poem this week. It’s not the best poem, i think I broke a few literary rules, but hey, it was sort of spontaneous.

Someone on ADISC mentioned that he would be at home lane for the first time, and he had asked for some ideas on what to do while diapered. I started out writing a somewhat ordinary reply, but it evolved into this poem. You can read it here.

On a smaller ABDL forum that I go to, a new person had just posted an intro. It got me thinking; if everyone rushed forth to greet that person, wouldn’t he/she be scared. Especially if virtually ALL of them were several years their senior? And, given that ABDLs are viewed peculiarly, wouldn’t he/she be perved out that these creepy men were ‘checking her/him out’?

There is a lesson to learn here people; introduce, welcome, but don’t hound, harass.

Now, time for me to go change my wet diaper…


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